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Emergency Medical Service on Closed Days and During Night Hours

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  • Emergency Medical Service on Closing Days and during Night Hours
  • 救急外来受診者数年間約30,000人
  • 救急車受入年間約7,000台

At Toyota Kosei Hospital, we handle approximately 30,000 emergency outpatients and more than 7,000 ambulance arrivals per year.
Unlike general outpatient departments, the emergency department is for patients in serious condition in need of urgent care. If you need medical care during the night or on a holiday for a relatively minor problem such as a cold, please first visit a primary care doctor or a clinic that is open during night hours or on holidays.

Access from the Parking Lot

When visiting the hospital by car out-of-hours, use the out-of-hours entrance.


  1. Reception
    Fill out the registration form and present your health insurance certificate, recipient certificate, patient ID card of our hospital (if you have one), and referral letter (if you have one) to the Emergency and Critical Care Center Reception Desk.
    Upon completion of the registration procedures at the reception desk, you will be given a guidance sheet with your reception number printed on it.
  2. Consultation
    The reception number indicated on your reception sheet is displayed on the electronic board. Please enter the consultation room when your number appears on the board.
  3. Payment
    After the consultation is over, bring your guidance sheet to the reception desk and wait in the nearby area.
    When the fee has been calculated, your reception number will be called.
    The guidance sheet will be collected when you pay.
  4. Prescription
    If drugs are prescribed, a Drug Exchange Ticket will be given to you together with a receipt when you pay.
    Present the ticket to 15Pharmacy counter for night hours and closing days and wait to be given your drugs.

The Emergency and Critical Care Center accepts patients around the clock.

Note: Enter the Emergency and Critical Care Center through the out-of-hours entrance.

Closing Days

2nd, 4th and 5th Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, New Year holidays, and founding anniversary (August 15)

Note: For more details, please refer to the Hospital Calendar.


  • Please take your health insurance certificate, recipient certificate, patient ID card of our hospital (if you have one), referral letter (if you have one) and Okusuri Techou (prescription booklet).
  • Patients are seen not on a “first come first served” basis but according to the severity of their condition. Therefore, you may be seen after someone arriving later.
  • Payment cannot be made by credit card or debit card. Please pay in cash.
  • The emergency department provides first-aid treatment to patients in need of urgent care and prescribes the minimum required drugs only (for one or two days in principle). Patients are thus required to visit an outpatient department later for more specialized treatment.
  • The emergency department cannot issue medical documents such as medical certificates. If you need a medical certificate, visit an outpatient department during the opening hours of the hospital and ask the doctor to issue one.